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 BY ALANA Messineo 



In this April, we attended an astrological event of major proportions, a Grand Square in grade 13 of the Cardinal signs, framed by two eclipses, which encloses the fifth squaring Pluto and Uranus. 

Cardinal signs represent four fundamental aspects of our lives: Aries: I, my initiative. Cancer: my house, my family. Libra: my family, my relationships. Capricorn: my career, my vocation.


In this April, we attended an astrological event of major proportions, a Grand Square in grade 13 of the Cardinal signs, framed by two eclipses, which encloses the fifth squaring Pluto and Uranus. 
Cardinal signs represent four fundamental aspects of our lives: Aries: I, my initiative. Cancer: my house, my family. Libra: my family, my relationships. Capricorn: my career, my vocation. 

The planets involved are all male, and warriors, each in his own way. 
Pluto: relentless change, Uranus, sudden change, Mars, action, Jupiter expansion. 

It is possible that this month we are suddenly plunged into sadness and nostalgia. We have some plans, which began to take life recently, and suddenly, unexpected events that seem to cut our way arise. 
Many times, this sadness is that we can afford to mourn for all the freedom that we have not granted and feel privately rabies is prior to the expression of power. 

The Gran Ventana calls Alignment, Engagement, and above all, Presence. 
Right now we are going through times of preparation. The question is whether we are prepared, if we can go through a period of uncertainty and lack of clarity. 

Here are the four biggest events of April: 

April 15, Lunar Eclipse at 25 Libra. 
This eclipse sets the stage, many of us are now taking stock of wrong attitudes that can ruin meaningful relationships, and create obstacles to the fulfillment of our dreams. 

21, April 22, fifth square of Uranus and Pluto. 

The fifth bid in the birthing process of our New Yo, builder and responsible for our New Earth creator. 
Squares of Uranus and Pluto show that it is not denying the reality "out there" that we create our life, it is facing forward what is unfolding, then focus on the resources to solve it. 

23, April 24, at the Cardinal Cross exact 13 degree Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. 

The Cardinal Cross is like a window that shows definite new perspectives. 
The protagonists planets are Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. 
The cardinal signs are trailblazers and pioneers always in a hurry to bring about change. Patience is absent, and everyone wants to go at the same time. 
Heaven is speaking of a preparation for action, since the four planets involved are male, each warrior in their own way. All four are going to want to act, and all at the same time .... Tsssss! 

Thirty percent of the world population, have planets in Cardinal signs, and this increases the Butterfly Effect Settings. 

The Great Square tries to distribute the energy, looking out, but not found. Every time we power without conscience in one of the sectors of life involved, the other is chaotic. 
A Large Square looks a lot like a Cosmic Corral.
 memories can turn frustration, frustration and helplessness. 
Since these days we are already facing scenes that show us our place in our relationships. We show how we are being stingy with our love, gratitude and spirit of collaboration. And how can we shift our attitude to our ties with the others get richer and nutrients to all. 

April is a call to take responsibility for our attitudes, since it is necessary to know what we have, before jumping to action. This will begin to look cloudy from June, but the month of April will be more challenging. The Great Square is the end of apathy. 
Accuracy is very impressive appearance, in grade 13, Fixed degree of Cardinal signs. Grade 13, speaks of the energies of the New Earth. The 13 was demonized by the dominant paradigm. But the 13 is a New Energy, which appears when cycle 12, symbol of the Gregorian calendar ends. 

There may be a release of the higher chakras, and a massive awakening! This is already being felt.

 From overnight, some students are peering into their homes the other dimensions with open eyes. 

The Grand Cross, is itself a sprint that will lock us into a corral to deal with our attitudes, especially those that need to leave, and you have to develop in order to create the life we ​​are projecting. 

In times of emergency, some people remain calm and people overflow. The first are those who find the exits. 

This is the challenge of April. Looking at the pictures of the earthquake in Chile, you can see the presence of many people, sitting in a stadium, you can distinguish the focused energy of many people. 

April will be a closure to look straight, really straight and no escape, creating the reality that we, individually and collectively, and we will evaluate whether this actually reflects the highest version of ourselves. 

Subsequent action to April, or which is deployed in April, will be in accordance with our highest beliefs, and our highest expression, past habits consensus. 

To understand this configuration, let's imagine a scene. 
Imagine you are invited to the Supper of the Great Square. 

In recent months, and health and conviction, we stopped eating meat. 
We are invited to a barbecue. We would abstain, but will people you love, and others that have recently connected with which we are beginning to collaborate. Socially, this dinner is an important event for us. 
We decided to go and eat salad. Several times, the grill, meat approaches and tells us that we will draw from this madness we're going, since when did we become vegetarians?. 

Smell is tempting, is moving deeper social and family memories. 
A friend or relative to which we have allowed to have negative thoughts, might drink a little too much, and taunt our choice. (Pluto). 
This person could be someone who despised us publicly in the past, resulting in our body, at this time, an unexpected adrenaline rush. We could jump in and say something that is no longer connected with the present moment, but our resentment by bulling suffered in the past. We have lost control and have reacted instead of responding. 

Immediately, we may feel embarrassed and frustrated by having reacted publicly, after so many meditations! This would lower our self-esteem, and the next day we would see it reflected in our work. 

In short, any action devoid of consciousness, could resultarnos costly. 

The Great Square has a ripple effect not straight but playing many vortices of our life. And shows what happens when we remain locked up in the minds of our little box. 

How to get out of this "rounding"?. 

Venus, silent, representing the Goddess, remains outside the window, in Pisces, bringing intuition, compassion, and above all, the ability that each of us has to surrender at all times to a Higher Power. 

No choice but to go and stay in communion with our top, giving control of our behavior. That is, being in the place where life takes us, but be alert, awake, and turned in Presence. 

We can assist consciously, knowing that we ourselves are testing, breathing and putting emergency curious with each present moment. Dropping the Heart Space all fear or negative thought. Expanding the sensation of physically expanding Heart Space. Then that we can realize that we are enjoying this encounter. 

The high-frequency field through our Heart Space, can open us to feel truly loving ourselves. This will lead eventually to see all participants as one with our energy. Hence may arise humor, gentleness, curiosity, and tenderness. These frequencies are more powerful than rivalry, and tend to spread. The highest frequency is triumphing. 

It is possible that we will witness the miracle that two participants so far not talked among themselves, reviewing last meal and be invited to the next meeting. This can awaken memories of when our Italian relatives weeping embraced reconciliation ended when they were in a year-end party ... 

And, although experience has generated a high energy, which seems to fall on the following days: WE WILL HAVE ALREADY HAD THE MEMORY OF A NEW WAY OF DOING BUSINESS IN LIFE, NOT WHAT THE DOMINANT PARADIGM TAUGHT AND SUPPORTED IN OUR OWN MASTER . 

The Cross of equal arms, is a redirection of disparate factors into a center. The Great Square is exhausting, and confronts us with the feeling that, whatever we do, if not from the center, the output is not possible. The only thing that can solve Alchemist Grand Square, is one who can look from above, and decide from Center. 
This window tells us of the urgency of April is the Portal to our Master. The torque delivery of our Infinite Essence we are in reality. 

April is the opportunity for the birth of the Peaceful Warrior, who is carrying heart on, as body experience, and extends this state of harmony and mastery of their environment, for him and for all. 
This, the Light of the Presence that we are, is that there will be flooding our life through the window of the Great Square. 

Have Your Dinner is wonderful, inclusive and you can tell your grandchildren with pride. And you can, in advance, thank Cosmic push this Grand Square in April 2014 ...

Alana Messineo. Study astrological. Neuronal Desprogramación. Love me, Love workshop Mismo you feel through tu presence. DanzaGracia, Los Thirteen Movimientos de la Mujer Radiant. enlagracia@gmail.com  Facebook: PORTAL Alan.
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